October 01, 2009

EA Store Update

I'm sure you got your email from The EA Store a little while ago. Anyway, these sets have been added along with a few more clothing items.

Steampunk: The Return - 325 points

During the age of lasers and steam-powered trains there were mechanical high-end personal ‘electronics’. Glory in the power of clockwork!

Harvest Bounty - Free

Decorate with the bounty of the harvest and celebrate the joys of autumn.

6 items are included in this set

Worldly Goodies - 100 points

Some people say you can't take it with you when you go but we say you definitely can bring it back with you from wherever you've traveled.

5 items are included in this set

Steampunk Savvy
- 1,000 points

Cut a dashing figure through space, time, and the probable with this collection of fashionable Steampunk outfits.

19 items are included in this set

Anto 53 Converted by Savio

Savio has added another conversion for females - teen through elder. You can download it at his blog. Be sure to read the read me file for more details.

File name: Anto-CoolSims53_TYAAE-F_Savio

Shades by Desdren

Download this painting at Desdren Sims 3 Paintings

Bonsai Set by lemoncandy

Download these plants at Mod The Sims

NEW: 2 hidden fences by Yogi-Tea

Download these fences at Mod The Sims

The Park of Harmony by gogolinopz

Download this community lot at Mod The Sims

Vampire Fangs by Aikea Guinea

There's new eyes, patterns and vampire fangs available - so go to Club Crimsyn to get everything. The fangs are for both genders - teen through elder. Thanks, Sunhair:)

There's also new default replacement eyes

Brucke Set by Pilar at TSR

Download this living room set at The Sims Resource

CoolSims Hair 31 RE-TEXTURED by skeletalscreams

Download this retexture at Garden Of Shadows. The original conversion file name is here, if you want to replace it with the new version. This is for teen through elder.

File name: Hair31 edit