October 22, 2009

More Clutter by Infusorian

Download the sneakers, pots and pans and printer at Infusorian's blog.

T-Shirts by Aikea-Guinea

Download these t-shirts for both genders at Garden Of Shadows

Blossom, the forest nymph by Anubis360

Download this Sim at Mod The Sims

Shorter Modern White Fence

Download at Sims 3 Modern Houses

Anto 29 Converted by Savio

Savio has added this conversion for teen - elder females at his blog.

File name: AntoCS 29_Savio-1.0

The Poll >>>

I've been asked why I don't include more clothing and furniture recolors. I always thought they were easy enough but anyway, just thought I'd ask the majority:)

There's a quick two answer poll to the right, so vote if you want.

Whatever the results are at the end of the week will be the outcome.

Mini Set by Desdren

Download the chaise lounger, cushions and paintings at Desdren Sims 3 Paintings.

This dining room set was previewed a couple of days ago and has been added. You can find out the details in the same post. Registration is required at the forum where this is posted.

Mi-Kwan by Sisaly

Download at Mod The Sims