August 25, 2011

Old Factory Apartments by -Shady-

Download at Mod The Sims

Aztec Snake Eyeliner for Adult Females by Summer

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Hidden Springs on Sale at The Sims 3 Store

Explore an All-New World - Discover Hidden Springs Today!

Celebrities and the rich flock to Hidden Springs in search of relaxation and escape from the mundane. Many cannot resist rumors of the seemingly miraculous healing powers that linger in the woods and waters. Some of the townsfolk who live in the woods are highly secretive and seem to have a pale green tinge to them. Is it really magic at work?

When you're in Hidden Springs, you can explore a stunning lakefront, relax at a luxury spa or ski lodge, escape into the woods, or even uncover ancient mysterious at the Museum of Magic and Supernatural. What will you find in Hidden Springs?

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Hair Mesh #5 Djinn by Lapiz Lazuli

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Various Wall/Clutter Deco by Epifight

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The Vintage Room by Simcredible Designs

Set includes:  Bed, Lamp, Curtain, Dresser, Blanket, Coffee Table, Cabinet, Pouf, Half Circle Shelf, Vase and Walls.

Download at Simcredible Designs

Build Your Own Pirate Ship and More by Ashillion

Download at Makai Industries

Inscription Plaque and Inscription Book for Surfaces

Ribbon Windows Extended

New Orleans Extended Windows

Extended Fence and Gates