August 19, 2009

It's a Bridge Home!

Download this residential lot at Mod The Sims.

New Default Replacement Skin Tones at GOS

This is combination of other skin tones and the body and face are separate. Download at Garden Of Shadows.

Another Coolsims Conversion by Nandonalt - UPDATED

If you downloaded the first version here and didn't like the bald spot, you can find a better version here. The space is smaller and the hair seems to fit the head better.

Original file name: CSAntoH40Conversion-Nandonalt

New file name: CSAntoH40Conversion-Nandonalt.package

New Version

First version

Elation Coffee Table

Download this coffee table at Mod The Sims. This is a new mesh and is recolorable.

New Dining Set at Mango-Sims


Download this lot at Garden Of Shadows. Be sure to read what content you need to download for this lot, it will be worth downloading.

Matching Fences and Gates at MTS

Download five new colors of the picket fence with matching gate at Mod The Sims.

Download six new bright colors of the picket fence with matching gate.