July 19, 2013

Business as Usual Bistro Set at The Sims 3 Store

Is your Sims dining experience a bit ordinary? Is it so humdrum that it feels like they just disappear entirely when they go out to eat? In that case it’s time to spice things up by heading out to the Business as Usual Bistro for the crème del le crème of opulent dining experiences!

The Road Not Taken As A Top by Shokoninio

New Sandals for Teen - Adult Males & Females by Pixicat

MaverickSides Skirt by QuizicalGin

Newsea Momoko Hair for Females


Butterflysims 88 Retextures by Beaverhausen

Alesso Paws Hair for Females

Subscriber only

Amusement Park by Aya20

Simple Trainers by Pyszny

Pixicat Boutique by Jean

New Shoes by MrAntonieddu

Go Out Hoodie by ReMaron

Pixicat Shoes Converted for Toddlers and Children

The Modern Escape by HarleyQuinn

Butterflysims 81 Retextures by Retroxdance

New Patterns by Ibael