August 24, 2009

Rose Pigtails by Nandonalt

A new hair for toddlers and children only is available at Nando Sims 3. The bows recolor of course by changing the root color.

File names:


New Eyeshadow at Garden Of Shadows

Download this eyeshadow by Babybee at Garden Of Shadows. Three recolorable channels and can be used on males and females - child through elder.

No Marbles - EA Bangles De-Marbleized

If you wanted these bracelets truly designable without the lines, well now it's possible. Thanks to aarin at GOS. Download at Garden Of Shadows

Moustache and Soulpatch by Oepu


- New beard as custom makeup, it doesn't overwrite anything.
- Fully recolorable.
- Comes with 3 designs: blond, red, brown, black, grey

Receding Hairline by Oepu

And another new hair by Oepu. You can download it here - for males, teen through elder.

File name: oepu_RecedingHairline_mhair

Emo Shorter Store Hair Edited by Oepu

Download this shorter bangs version at Oepu's blog. It is for males - teen through elder, fully recolorable and doesn't replace the original.

File name: oepu_StoreEmoShorter_mhair

2009 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 11,245 , Vertices: 10,891

Short Pulled Back Hair Version 2

If you downloaded this hair by Oepu, it has been updated for all ages here at Oepu's new blog. The Other version was teen through elder. The new download will replace the other, so you don't have to remove it yourself, but you do need to add the two new files for other ages. You can download the files all together or individually.

File names: