November 13, 2010

Dual Lip Gloss by Juzhitu

Download at Juzhitu's Sims3 Shop

Decorative wall/roof objects by Alopex

Download at Mod The Sims

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Bridgeport Traffic Changes by adelbertz - This is a simple tuning mod. You have four choices.

No More Random Puking - LN by kakini - After being grossed out countless times by large green puddles of virtual throw up I've decided to share my "No More Random Puking" mod.

Sims2Kid405 24/23/22 hour Mod for Venus by Sim2Kid405 - You can only have one mod in at a time, not all.

Late Night Foodcar Enabled by pcexpert - This modification updates the Food Truck Parking Space. Making it able to buy, clone and delete in community lots!

More Dangerous Sun For Vampires & More by Tremerion - This mod disables the retch reaction entirely for all age levels. (I highly doubt there will be a demand for it, but upon request I'm willing to make variations of this mod that only effect certain age levels.)

No Relationship Sparkles by HystericalParoxysm - This is a tiny texture replacing mod that removes the sparkle effect above sims' heads when they raise or lower relationship level through conversation and interactions. This means no more blue sparkles when you see the + signs, and no more red sparkles when you see the - signs.

No Woohoo Hearts by HystericalParoxysm - This is yet another tiny texture replacing mod that makes an in-game effect invisible. By default-replacing the DDS texture for the red and pink confetti hearts, they are no longer visible when your sims woohoo.