June 01, 2011

Painting Flower Modern and Stylist Rugs 2x3 & 4x3 by Bożena.

Download at Sims District

L. Ashley & C. Kidston Patterns by Sims In Spring

Download at Sims In Spring

Bad Morning Poses by Spladoum

Download at Mod The Sims

Missing Sims3packs by TumTum Simiolino

These hairs are now available in sims3pack files

Download at My Blue Book

Rugs Set 1 by Bożena

Download at Mod The Sims 3 by Bozena

Updated - TSM 2 TS3 - Evil Wizard Outfit and Shoes

Download at Cupcakes Taste Like Violence

Old Pier Water Park and Central Park - For Generations by Shivar

Download at Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

New Tattoos by The Ninth Wave

Download at The Ninth Wave Sims

Portal Set 1 Dining Chairs - By AR and STBU

Download at Azara's Asylum

More about the comments

The comments have been switched back.   I got an email earlier from ID and they are working on the problem so for now it's back to the old comments.

I saved a backup of the ID comments and will try adding them to blogger tomorrow - that's all for now.

The Notebook by Sims In Spring

Download at Sims In Spring

Set Alissa by Crisbea

Download at Pilar39mx