December 06, 2012

My Little Peacoat for Toddlers by Daluved1

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Gothique Coat by Mamy Rocker

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Christmas Gift Part 5 (Edible Cherry Dessert) by NewOne

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12 random little downloads for 12 days of Gosmas by Amaryll

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New Things at The Sims 3 Store

At Monte Vista you can discover a landscape rich with charm and money, where villas featuring sweeping views dot the gently rolling hills. Explore the vibrant community by visiting renowned museums, taking a stroll across the piazza, or learning the culinary arts on an authentic wood-fire oven.  Fill your Sims’ homes with the smell of fresh-baked pizzas, calzones, lasagnas and breads. Will your Sims find the inspiration to fuel their culinary fires?

For the SimPoint Bundle

Sale ends: 12/05/13

Al Fresco Street Market

Sale ends: 01/01/13
1,900 SimPoints
1,700 SimPoints

Take a sunset stroll, enjoy a meal in the open air, and buy the best produce around at the Al Fresco Street Market. Professional gardeners can come to the market and sell their fresh produce while children try their hand with the lemonade stand. Best of all? This venue comes with new harvestable plants: Eggplant and Lemon Tree!

Newsea The Moment ~ Retextured for Child to Elders by Eternila

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The life in Shikumen lanes Part 11 by SweetMint

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House 5 by étoile

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New Holiday Patterns by Simcredible Designs

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Apollo Sims 2 Conversions by ILTS

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Devil's Accessory Set by Kewai-Dou

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New Things for Kids by Jana and Fanny

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