October 05, 2011

Hair 036 for Females by Butterfly Sims

Download at Butterfly Sims

Thanks, Anon:)

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Woodland Fantasy/Fairy Swingset by lhawk07

Download at Mod The Sims

Abstract Pattern 10 by DOmiNICZKA

Download at Sims 3 Design

Vampire Hunter by Enirei

A new pie menu called "Hunter" appears with the option to "dust" the vampire. Clicking dust will cause the two to fight and one will come out the winner with the loser dying (turning to dust if a vampire). Below is a successful "dusting".

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

No Hunger Loss for Sleeping Ones by Tremerion

This mod will stop Hunger from decaying when sim is sleeping. So he/she will wake up with Hunger at the same level it was when he/she was going to bed.

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

New Clothing for Adult Females by Xiaoxie

Download at Xiaoxie's Blog

Thanks, Anon:)

New Posters by Anulaa89

Download at Anulaa89's Blog

New Sims by Dexi

Download at Dexi's Blog