September 24, 2012

Sims 3 MMD JP San Pedro Motion Volume 2 by Umpa

Download at Umpa Blog

Crosses Studded Platforms by Icia

Download at Icia Designs

Platform boots by Alice Liddel

Download at Forgotten Wonderland

UPDATED Retro & Indian Shelf by Madam Pink

Download at Madam Pink

Butterfly Earrings by ANnEV

Download at ANnEV Sims 3 Blog

Old Books by Kitki

Download at ProSims

Skysims Hair 051 Retextures by Retroxdance

Download at Retroxdance

Other versions

Ruffled Cocktail Dress by NyGirl

Download at NyGirl Sims

Supernatural Vampire Vest wo/ Flower Default Replacement by Shokoninio

Download at Hey Love!

Kitchen Decor by Dada

Download at Clio Sims 3

Loki by Kitt

Download at Simply Kitsch

DOT's Taper Candle Lamp Set

Download at The Sims Resource - Free today

Ani Hair by Irida

Download at Irida Sims

Skysims Hair 051

Download at The Sims Resource - Subscriber only

Moonlight Falls Huckleberry Lane Alchemists House by Bangsain

Download at My Sims House

Floor and Wall Shelves by Severinka

Download at Sims by Severinka