June 30, 2014

Pyszny16's Delano Outdoor Set

Ruffled Shirt for Teen Females by Simlicious

Cazy Rochelle Hair for Females

Horse Markings by Eldervinefields

Kewai-Dou Shikishima Hair for Males & Females

Greek Nose Slider by Hiiemal

Tank Tops and Levis Cargos for Toddlers by KiaraRawks

Milla Cramer by Lunararc

MIDNIGHT Eyeliner by Vampire_aninyosaloh

Pride Poster in Simlish by Hellfrozeover

Hair Retextures by Porcelainwarehouse

Michael Kors Style Watch by Irida Sims

Various Artwork by Simsinluxury

Necklace for Males by Lilit666

Sneakers for Adult Females by Lena

Paintings by Onceuponasimblr

These and more