October 19, 2013

405 East Seventh by Simsplification

Newsea Tera Edit/Retexture by Rusty Nail

Flower Island by Visty6

Newsea Hush Baby Hair for Females


Grim's Ghastly Manor at The Sims 3 Store

Remember that creepy house at the end of the block that kids would dare each other to go knock on the door? Grim’s Ghastly Manor is that place. A burned out bell tower, hidden catacombs, and a doorway to summon the Grim Reaper himself are just some of the eerie things that are afoot here. But hidden amongst the shadows is the secret to genetic mergers, eternal life, and awesome guitar riffs.

Royalty Sweet Dress for Infants by QuizicalGin

Grim's Ghastly Collection by Badromance99

Sims 3 Big Apple First Beta Release by Horus

1428 Elm Street and Freddy Krueger Sim, Mask and Gloves by Nowa2000

1.63 Update for Mods by Tremerion

Hi :) I've updated my mods to 1.63 patch.
Also I am proud to present the NEW mod for you guys and gals :D
It is called: Vampire Slower Thirst Decay. Name says it all.

*NEW*Vampire Slower Thirst Decay*NEW*
This mod will slower the decay of Thirst for Vampires.
There are 3 versions and 1 sub-version for each main varsion.
V1 -> Thirst decays slower at beginning, at Thirsty moodlet it will speed up
and slow down a bit at Very Thirsty to completly stop at Madly Thirsty.
V2 ->Thirst will decay faster at the beginning
and slow down with moodlets to stop at Madly Thirsty too.
V3 ->Thirst will decay with constant speed to stop at Madly Thirsty.
Yes! Your Vampire will not die by starving.
Even from Too Much Sun moodlet.
Your Vampires can finaly go Cold Turkey if you ever dreamed about it :)
Only keep them away from the fridge.
If you are using Enirei's mod the Vampire Hunter, you can still dust Vampires by stake.
Mod versions with D letter still allows Vampires to die by starving.

4-Door French Door Refrigerator by Mirel

Rocky Horror Picture Show Outfit by Peacemaker ic

Crane's Place by Water Woman

Living Shelf with glass by Ladesire

Skysims 154 Hair for Females

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Beach House by Simsplification