February 16, 2010

Listen to yourself, you're a hot mess - 15 Pooklet'd Hairs by The Fame

Download at Garden of Shadows

The 1st was converted here, 2nd here, 3rd here, 4th here, 5th here, 6th here, 7th here, 8th here, 9th here, 10th here, 11th here, 12th here, 13th here, 14th here and 15th here.

Edakraft peggy conversion

White Milk...

daluved1 At Mod The Sims has uploaded a mod in which the milk in the baby bottle is no longer green. Yay! Down load it HERE.

Also, I'm sooo sorry I've been screwing everything up. I'm just getting the hang of things, bear with me. (is that the right bear? Idk.)

A New Mod By ashillion

This is for all of those who use Create a World.
CAR (Create a Road) has various image files to create different roads from the EA deafults.

Download it here: CAR

New FREE Stuff At TSR

There is tons of new stuff at The Sims Resource. Including cool patterns, excellent Sims, and gorgeous houses. *Registration Required*

Nursery set, windows and patterns

Download at LaLunaRossa

Box house by Charlie

Download at Charlie's imagination

Tascha Artwork Paintings by Newone

Download at One Billion Pixels

School uniform for teen girls

Download at Lemon Leaf

Antique set by Elenka

Download at Elenka

Mens school uniform

Download at Lemon Leaf

School uniform by Lemon Leaf

Download at Lemon Leaf