January 02, 2014

DeuxMille Dress by Sentate

Cazy Northern Star Hair for Females

15 More Maternity Enabled Clothes by Simborg

Homecoming Set at The Sims 3 Store

Homecoming is a tradition unlike any other. Dancing, sports, friends, memories, and school pride bring communities together to celebrate and reminisce. The new Homecoming set gives you everything you need to party in style with gorgeous dresses, jewelry, tuxedos, jerseys, shoes and more!

New Clothing for Females by NyGirl

Military Cap for Males by Infisim

Pure Skin 3/5 by Pralinesims

Burlesque Set by Sirena

Thanks Salverin

Ersel Test Ponytail for Females

New Headband by JenniSims

Livenchy Highs by Infisim

Delsburg by DelsWorld

Thanks Bozena

Leather Boots for Females by Shatsai

Glass Ghost Chairs by Everlasting Garden

Cazy Starlight Edit/Retexture by Nigalkins

Floral Retrospective Patterns by Marcorse

New Patterns by Christine

Newsea Counting Stars Edit/Retexture by Tankuz