October 26, 2010

Slider Hack (Updated Patch v1.17.60) by aWT

Here's the Slider Hack for the version 1.17.60 | 2.12.8 | 3.8.6 | 4.5.6 | 5.2.4 | 6.0.81


This means, if you have another CORE mod like Awesomemod it will not work due to a conflict with UI.DLL.

What this hack will do:

* Increase the range between minimum and maximum of the Fat/Muscle sliders;
* Increase the range between minimum and maximum of other sliders;
* Increase the number of sliders available;

Read more and download at aWT's Stuff

Military Tags - Male Accessories - Set005 by TumTum Simiolino

Download at My Blue Book

Patch Update (26 October 2010)

Version: 1.17.60 | 2.12.8 | 3.8.6 | 4.5.6 | 5.2.4

Base Game Updates

* Players can now suppress Opportunities by selecting the Opportunities Suppression check box in the Game Options menu. This means players can still get opportunities through interactions, but no opportunities will be automatically directed towards the player.
* The game can now detect downloaded content and use these objects in Sims' dreams, opportunities, etc.

Live Mode

* Sims can now form groups, so that they stay together when they're going out. Players can set bought lights as 'black light'.


* Players can adjust a Sim's muscularity and b size. Sims can now have astrological signs.

Thanks, aWT

Punish the Wicked Set by Syren

Set includes: old stocks, hitching post, hay bale (with slots), large crate, and medium tree.

Download at The 13th Sim

New Sims by Miss Lochness

Download at Sim Style Parade

New Accessories by Irink @ a

Download at Irink @ a