January 25, 2013

Pizzeria - Part 2 by Sandy

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High Tops and Skinny Jeans by Omega

Download at Cupcakes Taste Like Violence

New Patterns by Choco

Download at Choco Sims

Base Game Compatible Pets Shirts by Frani721

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New Set at The Sims 3 Store

Ragtime in the Big Easy

Let the good times roll with these outfits from the roaring twenties! These glad rags are perfect for a casual stroll through the park or attending the most fashionable cotillion ball. Wearing these outfits, you're sure to be the bee's knees where ever you go!

Wretched and Decaying Accents by Syren

Download at The 13th Sim

Cool Sims 102 Retextures by Beaverhausen

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Other versions

Wood Pattern by Mimoto

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José Antonio Banderas by Mamy Rocker

Download at Rock The Sims Italy

Take Me To Your Dream Anime Eye Mask by Theblue142

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New House by Lilith

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Emily's Bedroom Walls by Christine

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Platform sandals and high heels by Milina

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Leather Pants for Males by Olesmit

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Kitchen Decor by Dada

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2013 Calendars by TeaRose

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Vacation Mountain Retreat by Rob

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