September 01, 2014

Mayumachi: A Japanese World by Sims Republic

Surface Tension - Tables by Bau

TS2 to TS3 - Seasons Country Bathroom Conversions by Serene Blue

The Sweets - Now Furnished by FakeHousesRealAwesome

Newsea Stardust Hair for Females

Rosh Hashanah Cards by UndermilkwoodSims

Fish In Pools & Fountains by icarus_allsorts

Mod Description

This mod allows fish spawners to spawn fish in pools and fountains and lets sims fish from them.


In a default game fish spawners that are not placed in proper water will have their effects turned off when the game enters Live mode. When this happens, the mod simply turns the spawn effects on spawners found in pools and fountains back on again.

Additionally, all sims (not just children and Insane ones) can use the usual fishing interactions on pools and fountains as long as there is at least one fish spawner in it (You have to click relatively close to the spawner for the interactions to show up though. Sims will NOT fish from a pool or fountain with no spawners in it so just don't place one in any that you don't want them fishing from). The regular Stock Pond interaction can also be used to add fish from a sim's inventory to any pool or fountain to make it fishable from.

Fishing from a pool/fountain with a spawner in it can be performed autonomously by sims just as regular fishing has always been.

Nightcrawler 25 Retexture by Gellysims

Appleby House by Simpishly