April 19, 2014

Kijiko Toyger Kitten Hair for Males & Females

DOT's Coast Lighting Set

Kewai-Dou Michaelis Hair for Males & Females

Nightcrawler 19 Hair for Females

Colorful Pictures Pack - 78 variations by Lamare

Ice Castle - Non-Default HD Eyes by FrozenHalcyon

Wings Qing Hair for Females

Jacket for Females by Irida Sims

Vera Wang 2013 Runway 3D Pumps by MrAntonieddu

Natural Lipstick by Katsimss

T-Shirt with Leggings by Altea127

Milagro Salon and Tattoo by Caterpillarsims

Glaze Lipgloss by Wundersims

New Makeup and Accessory by Tudart

Rockabilly Dresses by Magic