October 28, 2010

4 New Earrings, 1 Necklace and Sims by Black Sweety

Download at One More Sim

Sims here

Beyond The Graves by Susieb

Download at Sims Crossing

Arumi Kan - Kimi and Marah Huff by Alan_Gast

Download at Niagra Luv Tub

Small & Large Hex Metal Pattern by LaLunaRossa

Download at LaLunaRoss and The Sims

Halloween Costumes, Accessories and Tattoos by Nadiah

Download at SkySims

Raon Hair for Females

Download at Raonjena Sims - Free

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Lip Gloss 002 by Greennoodle

Download at Imaginarium of Green

Paintings by Bozena

Download at Mod The Sims 3 by Bozena

New Patterns by Oldbox

Download at All4Sims

Pick Your Poison by Syren

Set includes:  potions shelf (decorative only), books for the shelf, bottled potions and such for the shelf, an old locked chest, and a tall stack of books.

Download at The 13th Sim

The Anderson Family by Anubis360

Download at Anubis Under The Sun

No-Tell Motel (Apartment!) by Shivar

Download at Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

Door 01 by Astra

Download at Astra Sims 3