May 17, 2013

AMR Bottles Set by Hiemal


I've added a new Labels page to the top menu so that should be a little easier to navigate than the drop down/scroll menu.  I'll keep the drop menu on the main page.

The categories have been broken down a little more.  The most recent is the makeup category, and it's been broken down into these below - about half are done.  The Makeup label will be gone once all are properly sorted and will be changed to the new Makeup - Costume/Misc label.

Makeup - Blush
Makeup - Costume/Misc
Makeup - Eyeshadow/Liner
Makeup - Freckles
Makeup - Lips
Makeup - Moles
Makeup - Scars

This is what I have so far for the Accessories categories.  And I'll probably change the Accessories - Eyelashes to Makeup - Eyelashes - major sorting still needed. :)

Accessories - Backpacks
Accessories - Belts
Accessories - Bracelets
Accessories - Clothing
Accessories - Earrings
Accessories - Eyelashes
Accessories - Fingernails
Accessories - Glasses
Accessories - Gloves
Accessories - Handbags
Accessories - Hats
Accessories - Necklaces
Accessories - Piercings
Accessories - Rings
Accessories - Stockings and Leggings
Accessories - Umbrellas

Lots are also being broken down and so far this is what I've done.  Eventually, Residential and Community lots will be changed to Lots - Residential, etc., so that everything is together.

Lots - Apartment Buildings
Lots - Daycare
Lots - Hangouts
Lots - Nectary
Lots - Seasons
Lots - Showtime
Lots - Supernatural
Lots - University

And the BarsGym, Nightclubs and School labels have been removed from lots and objects, properly categorized and is now...

Lots - Bars and Nightclubs
Objects - Bars and Nightclubs
Lots - Gyms
Objects - Gym
Lots - Schools
Objects - School
Objects - Community

Royal Gold Shirt for Men by Meronin

Little Preppy Style for Our Little Gentleman by Furiental

Butterflysims Hair 074 for Females


New Jeans for Males by Olesmit

Rock Pants with Belts and Coat by Sintiklia

New Dress by ErysaM

New Terrain Paints by Mabra

Kinky Studded Garters by Roorasims

Accessory Diving Mask by Severinka

New Shoes by Irida Sims

New Decor and Accessories by Dollfiesims

Sim Painted Painting Frames Made Castable! by werismyki

New Clothing and Accessories by JenniSims