May 03, 2014

Dresses by LaudeStudio

BuffSumm's Tavita 'Enjoy your Meal'

The Sims 3 Passion And Romance by bella3lek4

This mod adds 12 new romantic interactions that can be chosen when clicking on a target sim

 Mod Info
This is a pure-script mod so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods
It works with Nraas's mods and my other mods (Disasters & Blessings, Awkward Moments & Humiliations, and Violence & Aggression)
These interactions are not autonomous , So Sims will not randomly go around town flirting with other sims without leading them to do that .
After performing any of the romantic interactions the selected sim and the targeted sim will have "Romantic Interest " relationship and will get "Feeling Calm" Buff
Other sims around the the sim that performed "Goose" Interaction will notice and will react according to their traits Just like in The Sims 2.
If you cheat on other sims using these interactions they will notice and accuse you of cheating

Accessory Combat Sickle by Severinka

Sims 3 MMD Nsync It makes me ill Animations by Umpa

Skysims 205 Hair for Females

Paintings by Pixeljackpot

Leggings by Potentissimum

8 Poses Reflection by IMHO

Flower Recolors by Khany

Crazy Night Dress by MF Sims

Valentino by Chobits

Nightcrawler 20 Retexture by Electraheartsims

Havenhawk Ranch by Asmodeuseswife

Hair Retextures by LemonKixxy

Calente Honduras by Dachs

Chanel Accessories by Ladesire

New Lots at Mod The Sims

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