July 26, 2011

Cottage Victorian Walls by Christine

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Sports Hoodie for Adult Females by Tegi

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HomeSpa Bathroom Collection One by eris3000

Set includes:  Tub, Towel, Shower, Sink and Mirror

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Summer Vacation Accessory Bowknot for Kids, Teens & Elders

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New Info About Pets in The New Patch

This was posted at Mod The Sims by Sims XM
  • New items: mechanical bull, vending machines (candy, drinks, and healthy food) and ice cream trucks.
  • Wild animals: horses (can be tamed), strays (can be adopted), raccoons and deers.
  • New creature: unicorn. Can start a fire, teleport, cure Sims, bless and curse Sims and plants, and can be released.
  • Competitions: racing and cross country (beginner, advanced, and international).
  • New NPCs lifetime wishes: jockeys, zoologists, animal rescuers, fairy tale finders, ark builders.
  • New traits: equestrian, cat person, dog person, animal expert, and animal lover.
  • Pet traits: likes swimming (dog only), lazy, aggressive, agile (horse only), brave, destructive, fast (horse only), hyper, loyal (dog only), gentle (horse only), hydrophobic (dog only), nervous (horse only), noisy, piggy, playful, proud, skittish, adventurous, cluless, friendly, genius, hunter, independent, neat, non-destructive, mean, quiet, shy, hates jumping (horse only), ornery (horse only), raised by wolves (may be dogs only), and reinforcement.
  • Tricks: sit, sit up, shake, speak, roll over, play dead. Trick skill.
  • New skill: riding.
  • Pet skills: racing and jumping.
  • New lots: cat jungle, horse ranch, and dog park.
  • Other pets: ants, birds (blue gold macaw, catalina, macow, cockatoo, congo African gray, crow, falcon, spotted sixam, yellow naped Amazon), lizards (anole lizard, ancient dragon, gecko, chameleon, pygmy komodo dragon, agama lizard, texas spiny lizard), rodents (chinchillas, hedgehogs, squirrels, rats, shrews, womrats), snakes (yellow python, garter snake, emerald tree boa snake, malayan krait snake, yellow chondro python, scarlet king snake, San Francisco garter snake, iridescent shieldtail snake, and mini python), and turtles (barbours map, spotted, eastern box, Indian roofed, red eared slider, pygmy, spiny, and western painted).
  • New careers: horse(wo)man
  • Lifetime rewards: pet clone voucher, young again (for pets), steel bladder (for pets), swank pet bed, pet hygienator, vomit immunity, alpha, atomic grazer, best behavior, fearless foal, equine zen, desert pony, friend of the herd, gardener's delight, and lucky mount.
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The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff - Official Launch Trailer

Newsea Physical Female Hairstyle

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Ellie Goulding by dutch_1991

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2 Sims Medieval Conversion Hairs for Females by Sage

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English School Uniforms Part II (Teen and YA) by SR

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Summer Paintings by Kruela

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Modern Stone Patterns by Engelchen

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Power Rangers Suit T-shirts for Teen Males by Migolia

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Female to Male Hair & Glasses Conversions by Hatbox83

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Kisses by allison731

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Various Decor by Pilar39mx

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FeeEssen Chair Converted by JulieJ

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