May 15, 2013

Biker's Set for Males by Olesmit

Collection Accessory Belts for Males by Sintiklia

New Clothing for Toddler Females by Furiental

New Hair Retextures by ILTS

Other versions

New Shoes by Simplicaz

Dreadlocked Hairs for Females by Reckless Sims

Other versions

New Skinblend, Eyes and Hairline by Moonskin93

Banded Halter Beach Dress by NyGirl

Kristian Aadnevik Dress by Irida Sims

Wildfox Skeleton Maxi Dress by Ilikeyourfacesims

Roma Lyon by Simsiverse

Vintage Elegance Wallpaper by Alelore Sims

20 Poses Let's go! by IMHO

Most Viewed - Three Basic Candles by Orangemittens

Wall Flags Part 5 by Doobyzession

CAS Rehaul Basegame Version by ILTS


In this zip folder are a lot of things. One is a file called ‘[ilts] BG no more shine’ - this will remove (or, in the case of leather, reduce) the shine of BG items. This works for all ages. In SOME cases, things will appear slightly flat. Luckily, this really applies mostly to a lot of ugly items.

Then you will find files to hide misc, hideous CAS items - clothes, hairs, costume make up. Eventually, I want to hide everything, but for now this will do :P

I tried to keep them pretty clearly labelled by the game generated name. Some are individual files, and some are combined (afSkirts, for example, because by 3 AM I was getting lazy). This will not delete them from your game - instead, they will just be hidden from CAS. If you want something back, just remove the file. This is for A/YA only - some teen files might be hidden though, I’m assuming.

Read more and download at

New Clothing and Paintings at Skysims

MissDaydreams' Daenerys' Eyebrows


New Dresses by Alice C.

Layered Tee Shirts by tommytiger

Newsea Crow Retexture by Zenith Sims