August 10, 2013

Romantic Candles by Mirel

Wedding Dress 18 by BEO

Brooke's Brows by Valuka

Newsea More Than Honey Hair for Females


Fantastic Baby - Cheetah Eyeshadow (YA/A) by Lunararc

Charm Estate - A Tomb-Like Adventure by Armiel

Butterflysims 96 Hair for Females


Beard N05 by ReMaron

Skysims 135 Hair for Females

Subscriber only

New Pet Beds by Kyrah

Jindann's In The Woods Set


New Hair Retextures by Dae Dae Sung

Other versions

The Mersim Collection New Tail by Simminglyfun

Protection Pose Pack by Soupedepois

New Patterns by Simminglysimple

Preston Sarin by simsgal2227

Coolsims 108 Retexture by Michaela P