October 31, 2014

Puppet Theater by Sandy

Nightcrawler 27 Hair for Females

Eyebrows for Males by David Veiga

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Newsea Matcha Retexture and Chasing Time Dress by Asinego

Cute Dog Desks by Chuchuwitch

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NectarMaker Service v1.0 by douglasveiga

This mod will add the new NectarMaker Service into your game, this way you can hire a random french service sim to produce many bottles of Nectar a day without wasting your time, handling the NectarMaker Machine. You can use the produced nectar bottles for your own consume or even sell them to keep your small nectar business running.

The service sim will perform all the tasks automatically, so you only need to pay attention to keep the fruit supply always high.

Newsea Fingertips Hair for Females


Witch, Genie & Werewolf Sim Dolls by TitoSims

Quad B/W photos--new pictures, new frame configuration. by spladoum

Butterflysims 135 and Newsea Carousel Retexture by Beaverhausen

The Crone’s Cabin, A Fortune Teller’s Lot by Simsl3gacies

Hair Retextures by ChazyBazzy

Gothic Tiaras by Ladesire

Halloween Patterns by Sectum Simpra

Ternura Hair Clips for Babies by Quianna