April 24, 2014

Biker Goggles by Kijiko

Nose Mask and Lipstick by Tifa

Chanel Spring-Summer 2014 3D Pumps by MrAntonieddu

Summer House by Oldbox

Lots by MacTheKat

Tuxedo Onesie by NyGirl

Emotions Dress by SimsStudio

Wallpaper by Christine

Bring "Mysterious Drinks" (Chemistry Set Potions) To Others by icarus_allsorts

With Generations, your sims could make potions on the chemistry set and mix them into "mysterious drinks" for other sims to drink, but there was no way to get a specific sim to actually drink it unless you directed them to which you can't with inactives. Apparently we are expected to just leave the "mysterious" drink out in the open and wait and hope for a sim to eventually come up and drink it, but there's never any guarantee of it happening (Ironically the only time I've seen it happen was while I was testing this mod). Hence this mod, that adds a Bring Potion To... interaction to these mysterious drinks that lets your sims hand potions directly to a targeted sim to drink.

Butterfly Meadow Set by Alelore

Fighting Poses by Bangsain

These and more

Flower Shaped Rugs by Aronoele

Scalloped One Shoulder Romper by NyGirl

Hair Retextures by Taty86

Same Heart Outfit by Cherryberry