April 10, 2014

AMR - VoT - Glory Chunk Set by Veritas

No Autonomous Magick by Simsl3gacies

Witches are the one Sims 3 Supernatural that I play most often, but that magic wand business was getting out of hand. I found a couple of autonomy mods that handled one aspect or another, but not one that ixnayed all magic inter/actions. So…here.

no autonomous magic sims 3
This mod covers every single spell. Every. Single. One.

The occasional toadifying spell was fun and all, and the sunlight charms were cute, but enough was enough. No more conjuring apples, no more playing with magic, no more random spell casting, unless YOU tell your sim to.

Aura Skintone & Lipstick by SK-Sims

Ikat Pattern Set - Set of 16 Fabric Patterns by Peacemaker ic

Stitched Multi-Color Thigh High Socks by NyGirl

Old and Weathered Concrete Terrain Paint by Nowa2000

Long L.A. Shirt Dress by LaudeStudio

Medieval Clothing for Toddler Boys & Girls by Joyce333

Natalia Scott by Lunararc

Makeup and Eyes by Niobecremisi

Floral Shorts and Lace Tank by NyGirl

Villa On The Water by Choco & Lova Sims

Arago's Paintings by Suspiciouslyyours

Athletic Set for Teen Females by NyGirl

Lush luster lipstick by Levitas

Masks by Dasha Kirilova