August 03, 2009

Nouk dreads converted for ts3 by Aikea Guinea

Download nouk dreads at Garden Of Shadows. It's for both male and female Sims - teen through elder.

File name: Aikea Guinea - Nouk Dreads Conversion

Download -Wrong- Newsea F17 Sims 3 Hair

Download -Wrong- Newsea F17 at Garden Of Shadows

File names:


Stylist Sims Fixed Livingroom Set

While trying to keep up on all the latest Sims 3 hair, I've let some other things get backed up. Anyway, if you downloaded this set, then head on over and download it again. The new set fixes some issues with the textures and the zoom out problem. I haven't used it yet, so I have no idea.

American Style Street Default Replacement

Download American Style Street Default Replacement at MTS.



Oakland Hall by Zutafen

Runway Wave-Peggy Converted For TS3

File name: AldehydebendsPeggyRunwayWave2

Retexture of Savio's conversion of Newsea's Hawaii hair

Download at Annihilation's Sims 3 CC

File name: Hawaii_Savio

Another Peggy Sims2 hair to Sims 3 hair for females

File name: peggy04852conversion

Three New Hairstyles From Simply Styling

To remove this hair, it needs to be uninstalled and deleted with the launcher.

Another Peggy Sims2 hair to Sims 3 hair for males and females

Works for Teens through Elders, on both females and males.

File name: Bosie_InAParallelUniverse_PeggyAug09_MF_ET