May 09, 2014

Dolce & Gabbana Handbag by Julie7821

Cargo Shorts for Males by ReMaron

Charmed Home Decor Set Part 2 by Severinka

Flippy Store Redo by Hellfrozeover

Thanks Simlicious

High Waisted Flare Skirt for Teen & Adult Females by NyGirl

Makeup Decor by Souris

Ikea Trendig Geometric Patterns by Simlicious

Find All Jobs in Newspaper or on any Computer by mikey

If you have ever had your sim look for a job or career in the newspaper or on a computer, you've probably been disappointed to find out they only list 3 to 5 jobs per day and you must check back day after day to find the one you want. Yep, that got old pretty quick. So I changed the 3 to 5 value and made them all 20. Now when your sim looks for a job, whether in the newspaper or on any computer, there will be 20 job listings (if available). Availability depends on which Rabbitholes are in the current world and if you're using any custom careers. Default careers are 12 or 13, leaving you with room for 7 or 8 custom careers.

Rusty Nail and Simsimi Clothing for Toddlers by Yosimsima

More Lips and Brows Sliders by OneEuroMutt

Telvanni Miniset - Part 5 by Murfeelee

Cazy Hair Retextures by Pocketfulofdownloads

Necklace by Dasha Kirilova

Terrain Paint by Nowa2000

Summer Collection by MF Sims

Facial Expressions Poses by Sonia

SmartPhone Camera Upgrade by mikey

Sims, are you tired of those weak and boring old smartphone camera features?
Sure you are, you spoke up and they listened. Now Landgraab Wireless has upgraded the camera features to rival those expensive cameras that you see in the stores selling for thousands of simoleans. That's right Sims, turn in your old smartphone for the new and improved Camera SmartPhone! Just like the expensive camera, you can enjoy:
4 sizes of images - small, medium landscape, large portrait, and panorama
dramatically increased zoom
various filters
You dont need World Adventures for the expensive camera
You do need University Life for the smartphone

Sitting Toddler Poses by equiem

80's Time - Teen Female Outfit by Lena

Cali Tower Penthouse by Monsoon