February 27, 2010

Sanctuary II Hair by Aikea Guinea

Download for teen - elder females at Club Crimsyn

File name: Aikea Guinea - AF Hair - Mohawk with Bangs

Set of 6 Rugs by Evelyn

Download at Garden Of Shadows

New pet and laundry set by MK

Includes: chair, a table (in lockers), decor - laundry, shopping, dog (4 repainting), box, bowl, flower pots 3pcs., watering can.

Download at MK Stuff

New clothes, paintings and patterns

- 3 new clothes for adult / young adult (ma.)

- 1 new outfit for adult / young adult (fem.)

- 2 new object sets (paintings)

- 3 new patterns.

Download at Skysims

New world - Nantucket

Download at My Sim Reality

Female Dress ~ Teen ~ Adult ~

Download at Tomislaw Sims3 Fashion