November 18, 2009

[Testers Wanted] Sims Height Slider - Tall Version by Delphy

Download this at Mod The Sims

Petite Family Vinyard by ruthless_kk

Download at Mod The Sims - requires World Adventures.

Gain Skills Faster for World Adentures by Rider

Download at MATY

More mods here

CAS Body sliders by jonha

You can try out these sliders from Mod The Sims. Be sure to read through everything at MTS.

I ended up testing these a little while ago and they work great for me:)

Thanks, Anon:)

Included are:
-B size (female teen-elder)
-Waist size (all ages and genders)
-Hip size/pelvis width (all ages and genders)
-Butt Size (all genders, teen-elder)
-Head Size (all ages and genders)

A word from some readers about the new patch

I still haven't installed World Adventures because I am actually deathly afraid of losing my game like I did when I updated the last couple of times. Anyway, some nice readers have sent me their stories and they want to share with others.


A word of warning for Windows Vista users:
Do NOT download the latest pc patch v. 1.6.6 for sims 3. Neighborhoods now take up to ten minutes (whereas before it only took seconds) to load and game performance is much slower.
It ruined my game performance wise and now I am having to reinstall.

thanks, anon:)


And now from Robbie:

Hey just a heads up that you may wanna post about the new patch thats out, there are only 2 mods that seem to be causing everyone problems/crash's.
The Awesome mod is the biggest one and also for those who used there online custom setting thing that file is called aweconf.

The other one that I found out on my own is the facial hack from MTS2 named facialhack_patch127.
Here is the the link to that hack-

Also people who have World Adventures seem to find that moving there mods to C\ProgramFiles\ElectronicArts\
Rather Than
Also it seems that moving the Resource.cfg to C\ProgramFiles\ElectronicArts\TheSims3WorldAdventures makes the mods work.

That seems to help a lot with mods working right with people who have WA installed, however I do not have world adventures installed yet so I can not confirm if that works.
I can say that since updating with the newest patch taking out awesome,aweconf,and facialhack_patch127 made my game run again.

Thanks, Robbie:)

New Living Room Set by MK23.82

Download at The Sims Resource

Women of The World: Sisters from Sweden by Jessica_2020

Download at Mod The Sims

2 Sets Vintage Paintings by NewOne

Download at One Billion Pixels

New Paintings by Crea Sims 3

Download at Crea Sims 3

Grand Duchess Emerald's Sims 2 Dining Table by TheNinthWave

Download at The Sims Resource