September 22, 2013

Kokoon Dream Apartment by Rabiere

Tatami Set by Kewai-Dou

Caballero Ankle Boot for Teen - Adult Males & Females by Pixicat

Smart OLED TV by Mirel

Sintiklia Arabella Hair for Females

Flower Necklace by Brilliant926

Skysims 146 Hair for Females

Subscriber only

New Swimwear for Females by Metens

New Watches by Irida Sims

Alexandra by Hellfrozeover

Infant and Maternity Clothing + Paintings at Skysims

Cut Out Skirt Dress by Oranos

New Lots by Nowa2000

Colourful T-Shirts by Sims3Time

New Patterns and Paintings by Wistaria

Baby On Board Pose Pack (Requested by SunsetSorbet from TS3-GG forums) by mashelle

These and more at

Teddy Bear Set by Alelore