May 03, 2013

New Rugs by Faellu

Newsea Bitter Sweet Retextures by Beaverhausen


More Eyes Conversions by Brnt Waffles

Du Champs Nectary by Kementari

Attic Stairs by Dorosimfan1

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Roses Set by Mireluk

Terinina Dormitory by JarkaD

Mood Bedroom Set by Simmami

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Cadego Hallway Set by Alice C.

Evansdale Community College (First Edition) by My Sim Realty

The citizens of Evansdale County will now be able to enjoy attending University without leaving their world.  This lot is the first of two options for a University.  At this time it replaces the Festival lot in the city, located at 21 Primrose Parkway.  This lot has all University rabbitholes.  Each rug has been colored to blend in to the floor.  There are several skill building objects for each college as well as a little student center with coffee bar, study rooms with computers and bathrooms.  There are also tables around the fountain for studying.

Newsea Bitter Sweet Hair for Females

New Clothing for Females by Rusty Nail

ChiSims' Headscarf Recategorised for Both Genders by Procrasimnation