January 27, 2014

Beach City by Rflong7

Dulcet Tone ~ Collared Dress with Bow for Teen-to-Adult by Anubis360

New Mods by Zerbu

Ultimate Careers (V4) - The end of career rabbitholes is here! With Ultimate Careers, instead of going into a rabbithole to work, Sims will spend the work day at a community lot, doing work-related interactions - or slacking off. The mod scans the Sim's interaction queue, and increases performance depending on which interactions are being used.

Lot Events (V2) - To set the mod up, go into build/buy mode on the lot you want to add an event to, go into BuyDebug and find the object "EventLotMarker DO NOT TRANSLATE" and place it onto the lot. It works just like the Seasonal Lot Marker, where you can allow for different versions of a lot.

Social Rush - Want your groups and dates in The Sims 3 to be more exciting? Social Rush upgrades the system for handling groups and dates in The Sims 3 with a new level-based mini-game where you are required to build relationships and keep all the other Sims in a certain mood.

Tuning Mods

  • NEW Slower Fixer-Upper Car Energy Decay - Slows down Energy decay when fixing the fixer-upper car.
  • NEW Faster Fixer-Upper Car - Increases the speed of the fixer-upper car.
  • Fun Changes - With this mod, the Fun need now decays all the way to the bottom instead of stopping in the middle, and doesn't regenerate when not performing interactions that increase Fun.
  • No Plan Outfit - The .rar file contains two mods: One to remove the "Plan Outfit" interaction from the dresser, and one to remove the "Makeover Self" interaction from the styling station. With these mods, your only option will be to buy clothes from the Into The Future clothes pedestals.
  • Expensive University - Increases the price of university to 10x the original. Don't worry, the effect of grants has also been multiplied to fit with the new price system.
  • Dangerous Lightning - With this mod, lightning is much more frequent, much more likely to hit the active lot, and more likely to target Sims.
  • Gardening Hygiene Decay Modifier - Slows down the speed hygiene decreases when watering, weeding or harvesting plants.

Read more and download at Zerbu's Realm

Canon Camera Accessory by Ersel

New Patterns by Via Sims

Soft Walls II and Brick Pattern by Sims In Spring

Time Turning Town by Happylifesims

Cross Earrings by Glaza

More More Maternity Enabled EA Clothing by Thecupthatiscake

Cazy Retextures by Bigbangsimory

New Decor by JenniSims

Family House No. 40 by JarkaD

Tres Lagos by Risastorm

New Rugs and Paintings by Habbiesims