September 27, 2009

The Ascension by severe_009

Download this residential lot at Mod The Sims

Other new lots here

CoolSims Hair Conversion By Rockermonkey

Rockermonkey at Garden Of Shadows has added a new conversion for females. I'm not sure what ages it's for just yet. It seems like days since I've played the game - I guess because it has been. Anyway, I can't wait to try this one out too.

File name: Rockermonkey_Hair_Conversion_CoolSims

Nouk Donna Hair Conversion by v_ware

v_ware has added a new conversion at his blog for females - teen through elder. All the color channels work properly. Be sure to read what he has to say about the hair.

File name: Nouk - Donna Hair Conversion - v_ware

Nature is calling!! Paintings by amiao103

Someone asked about the first painting so here it is....and some other recolors along with it. You can download them at Mod The Sims.