April 20, 2013

Eyes N59 by Tifa

Stargazer Ashley Williams Hair Conversion by Eternila

Cazy Heartbreak Hair for Females

Subscriber only

Chi’s Sweet Home Calendar by Theblue142

Wings 《麗水紫金 Hair and Accessories for Females

New Hair Retextures by MoreMirrah

Newsea Sweet Scar - Other versions
Newsea Mayday - Other versions
Butterflysims hair 46 - Other versions

Monte Vista - ReMastered by Melissa - NoCC

New Hair Retextures by Pixelated Zombies

Newsea Starlet - Other versions
Skysims hair 072 - Other versions
Newsea Blitz - Other versions
Peggy 645 - Other versions

Updated - Fixed Gintama Cup Mat by Theblue142

Alex-m3_10042012 by Death

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Supernatural Rocking Chair Tweaks by werismyki - Edits tuning files associated with the Supernatural Rocking Chairs so Sims wont use them all the time, plus same gain...

Romantic Socials TYAE - Same - Revised by werismyki - Enables Romantic Socials for Teens thru Elders and Same Relationships.

More/Less starter money at the begin. by Michaeltjuhh - Do you want more or less CAS money at begin? Take a look here!

Tourism Career -- With Opportunities & MOAR by SimsMatthew - This mod adds a custom Tourism Career into your game -- with opportunities and more!

Hipster Crop Tees by Ilikeyourfacesims

Cindy by Potentissimum

Canoa Paintings Set by Annej

Tranquility de la Solitude by Pet'ka

Timothy David Olyphant by Ya-Prava

Newsea Mayday Hair for Females

New Clothing and Shoes by Rusty Nail

Wood Patterns by Saratella