September 08, 2009

Geisha Makeup

Download these at The Sims Resource - here and here. I'm not sure how this looks in the game - I haven't made up my mind if I'll download or not.

Other makeup here

Raon37 by Savio

Savio added this to his blog, so if you want this for your teen through elder females go here.

File name: Raon37_TYAAE-F_Savio_1.1

Samsung a777 Default Replacement Cell Phone

1950 Ford F 1 Pick-Up Truck

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 27,446 , Vertices: 24,098

Another New Hair at 4thImpact

This one is toddler through elder too, according to the site and I haven't added it to my game. So get them here.

File names:


New Hair at 4thImpact

I guess that's the site name. Anyway, if you want this hair then go here. It's for toddler through elder and females, obviously. If you download this, make sure to download all of the files, so scroll down. I have not added it to my game, so...

File name: