April 11, 2013

CoolSims 105 Hair for Females

Download at CoolSims

Mango Jogger Jeans by Orange-Sim

Download at Orange-Sim

Showtime Shoes - Base Game Compatible by Frani721

Download at Simpering

Updated - Nixon Sofa and Loveseat by Marcussims91

Download at MS91 Designs

16 Hello Kitty/Sanrio Lockers - Part 3 by Destroyed Simming

Download at Destroyed Simming

Duplex Duo by Kaela Kreations

Download at SailfinSims

Cyclo_Tripz Queen's Curly Hair

Download at A Psycho's Trip

Sunbeam Holiday Villa by JarkaD

Download at JarkaD Sims 3 Blog

Venum Shorts for Males by ReMaron

Download at R2M Creations

Sundial by Amour

Download at Amour Studio

Japanese Cats 12 Framed Paintings by Fuglsangs

Download at Fuglsangs

New Mods at Mod The Sims

More/Less Attraction Calls & Love Letters - 4 Flavors by werismyki - Eliminate, Decrease, Increase, or Maximize a sims chance to receive attraction love letters and gifts and change gift categories.

Ninja Career by Moraelin - a fantasy ninja career, for the little boy in most of us. I mean, ninjas are cool ;) Needs.

Longer or Shorter Pregnancies, Puddles and More! by AgentTexas
Tired of your sims not working through their pregnancies? Want them pregnancy longer or shorter? Look no further!

Just A Random Pose Pack by Skylar

Download at R&S's Gemsims Dollhouse

House Paradise - By Bloup

Download at Sims OtherSide

The Octoplush are Coming by Simming With Sirens

Download at Simming With Sirens

Tattoos by As-sim-ilation

Download these and more at As-sim-ilation

New Sims by SimmySimSam

Download at SimmySimSam