July 13, 2013

SS Swashbuckler Bed for Toddlers by QuizicalGin

Babydoll Dress by Simplicaz

Happy Student Dormitory by Pawca

Acne Clover Boots by Pixicat

Tea for One Tables by NewOne

Underground Pointers by Severinka

Sims Body Essentials: A Complete Set of Body Sliders by leWing

The sliders are:
1. Mid Ear Point
2. Upper Nasal Bridge
3. Neck (3, packaged as one): Size, Counterweight, Tapering
4. Arm: Shoulder Thickness
5. Arm: Bicep (2) - Frontal/Lateral
6. Arm: Forearm (2) - Frontal Lateral
7. Hands: Jasumi's Finger Girth ... enabled for both genders. Completely her creation! I included it so that it can be used in conjunction with the Hand Size for both genders (Finger Girth + Hand Size = longer fingers).
8. Hands: Hand Size (an alteration of Jasumi's finger girth to provide the perception of larger hands)
9: Hands: Wrists (2) - Frontal/Lateral
10. Leg: Thigh (2) - Frontal/Lateral
11. Leg: Calf (2) - Frontal/Lateral
12. Leg: Achille's Tendon (you know how there's a curve to your heel from your calf? Yeah, that)
13. Feet: Foot (Height//Length)---\ (Should be used
14. Feet: Foot (Length//Width)----/ used together)
15. Feet: Toe Length
16. Feet: Toe Thickness
17. Feet: Toe Size (basically, combination of length and thickness. Is that repetitive?)

Frown Slider and Makeup by Sucreomiel

Comfortable Slag Dresses by Ilikeyourfacesims

USA Team Shirt for Males by ReMaron

Eric Northman played by Alexander Skarsgård by Brnt Waffles

In Love Patterns by Annej

Alex-m3_12022012 by Death

Immortal Reward name change -> Daywalker by Tremerion

I used Stubble to make this one.
It changes name of Immortal/Supervampire Reward for Life Time Happiness points for Vampires.

I've changed two languages. English and Polish. Rest stays the same.
If you want you can write your language version in comments so I can update it.
Or write your ideas how it should be named.

Description: Your origins allows you to walk in the day light.

Chodzący za dnia dla mężczyzn i Chodząca za dnia dla kobiet.
Opis: Twoje pochodzenie pozwala ci poruszać się w świetle słonecznym.

I think Daywalker sounds more interesting then Immortal.
For ex. I am using twallan's NraasStoryProgression mod that already makes all Vampires immortal.
It also looks much better when you have Fairy-Vampire hybrid.

New Sims by KaSSi

Silk Dress with Rose by Irida Sims

MissDaydreams' Romantic Eyebrows