March 11, 2012

Add Any Lot Size by velocitygrass

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Bathroom Clutter Set by Suza

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Skysims Hair 001

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We Mean Business Glasses by Anita

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Retro Washer by Severinka

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Sentaku by SimEve

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All Lifetime Rewards Cost 5 Points Updated for Showtime by The Ninth Wave

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Mad Hattress Hat by The Ninth Wave

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The Sims 3 EP 7 Info

Beekeeping Skill- there are smoker effects, and angry swarms of bees, as well as negative moodlets when a Sim has been stung by a bee!

Alchemy Skill/Cauldron Object- there is a cauldron bubbling effect. Potions can be drunk and thrown at other Sims. There many potion sizes, shapes, and effect descriptions, but they are impossible to understand, besides this one:
Clone Drone Potion- the effect creates an adult Sim-sized cloud of a sparkly burst on the ground.
Anti- Nausea Potion
Energy Stabilizer Potion- For a period of time, your energy level won’t decay.
Invigorating Potion- Drink to feel invigorated
Lasting Skill Boost Potion
Inducing Potion- Drink this to feel nauseous.
Smelly Potion- Drink to stink!
Zombification Potion- Become a zombie!

Potion Shop- it says that if you master Alchemy, “you will get discounts on items in the Potion Shop”, which is likely where you purchase ingredients.

Candle Station- There animations for candle flames flickering, the “candle station” starting, and wax dripping. There are actions to “Create Candle”, so I presume that you can make candels with the candle station.

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Thanks, Anons:)

No Cowboy/Cowgirl Outfit When Riding The Mechanical Bull by gesimz

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Three Lights ● Sailor Starlights by Gabrielazy

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Flower House by Ninjy

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Stupendous Splotches - 9 Markings by PharaohHound

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Blue Sea by JarkaD

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Sims 1 Superstar Startup Scrolls For Showtime by The Ninth Wave

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