March 03, 2013

Sheer Maxi Dress by Kitt

Download at Simply Kitsch

Skysims Hair 092 Retextures by Eternila

Download at Eternila's Stuff

Other versions

Blusher N10 by Tifa

Download at Tifa Sims

Bedford Office Set by Sailfindragon

Download at SailfinSims

Caravans by Moni

Download at Arda

New Hair Retextures by Shock & Shame

Download at Shock & Shame

Skysims Hair 092 - Other versions
Butterflysims Hair 068 - Other versions

Zika Sneakers for Teens + Adult Female Version Fixed by Juliana

Download at Juliana Sims

Newsea Pepper Mint Retexture by Drew

Download at Drawn Retextures

Other versions

Rock Garden Lot and Tutorial by Pet'ka

Download at Pet'ka Sims 3

PralineSims Galaxy Eyeshadow

Download at The Sims Resource - Free

Spiral Staircase by Jana

Download at Janas Creatives

Sentate Store by Jean

Download at La Boutique de Jean

Modern Bedroom Set by Clio

Download at Clio Sims 3