August 14, 2009

I'm not perfect; just all messed up- 2 pooklet'd male hairs

You can get these two new vesions of Aikea's converted male peggy hair and Cazy's converted Roan 36 at Garden Of Shadows.

File name: Missbonbon_AG_Peggy04434

File name:

Motorway to Roswell - Raon 18 M Converted

Download this hair for your male Sims at Garden Of Shadows. It can be used on teen through elder.

File name: athena - raon18mshortspikey

New XM Hair Added

XM Sims has added another conversion hair for your female Sims. This hair can be used for teen through elder. Go to XM Sims to download.

File Name: XMS3-FloraHair009-TFtoEF

File name: XMS3-FloraHair008-TFtoEF

Trying to organize my downloads

I ended up deleting 200MB of custom hair a couple of days ago. I really don't want my game to get like my Sims 2 game... cluttered. It was a real pain going through every file, so I decided to add the file name to every post for easy reference.

I managed to get the last two pages of the "hair" label done so far. Now I'll start at the beginning and continue on until I get them all labeled. All posts should be done in a day or two.

This will make it much easier to remove hairs that you don't want anymore or remove hairs that have been updated or improved.

Chess is mental torture.- 8 pooklet'd female hairs

Go to Garden Of Shadows to download these hairs by missbonbon. If you downloaded the original Peggy, Helga, etc. hairs or the conversions and want these new versions, you will have to delete the others. There are obviously four other hairs at GOS.

File names in case you want to delete


A Moment In Time- Phobia/Sarhra eyes by cavilez

Sorry I missed this one:(

Download at Garden Of Shadows

File name: PhobiaSarhraCavilezEye-WithoutSpeck

Swirly Wave Pattern by Zelia

Download Swirly Wave By Zelia at TSR.