May 17, 2014

Mighty Mansard Redux! - Store Edit & More by Qahne

So, the latest Store release had me really hyped - Second Empire is one of my favourite architectural styles, and the Mansion & Garden Stuff roofing always seemed a little off to me - they're a bit too tall for most homes...and the Store roofs incorporated CORBELS! Yes, corbels!

When I actually got my hands on the set, though...well, I almost wept. The roof pieces were all two tiles deep, had that ugly fence running along the edge, and were just generally unusable. Also, the dormer window is not only out of place (it looks more like European Second Empire, whereas the mansard roof is more American Second Empire), but also totally non functional, so your attics are completely dark and useless; or at least, they were...until now!

So, what have I actually done? I've removed the useless block from all the pieces except the angled corner (because you can't draw a wall flush with the edge of the angled roof, so I just removed the cresting and lowered the top so it doesn't protrude through your roof) separated the default dormer so it can be placed on one or on two tiles, edited it so it looks more Italianate and matches the Victorian flair I'd expected, edited Goggalor's conversion of the two dormers from Mansion & Garden Stuff, separated them from their roofs and edited them to match, created two windows to match the larger M&G dormer so that it's semi-functional, and converted the iron cresting from Mansion & Garden Stuff so you can place it along your roofline if you wish - yay for choice in roof fencing!

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