December 28, 2013

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Boxer Career [TS3] by EchoDreadhowl


 In order for this custom career mod to work, you MUST have Twallan's NRAAS Careers Mod installed correctly (matched to your game patch).

This was made with patch 1.63, but it should work on the majority of the earlier patches - please let me know if it does not. EP compatible and it should work on base game or any combination of EPs as long as the careers mod mentioned above is installed correctly.

The career is currently in English only. Language strings have been provided if anyone would like to translate it into other languages (only translate the text between the <STR></STR> tags, leave everything else the same), just PM if you have done so and I'll give you my email address so you can send me the file and I can add it.

 Boxer Career Info

Rabbithole: Stadium
Levels: 10
Age: YA,A,E
Skill Building: Athletic, Logic, Charisma
Uniforms: I used the following game career outfits for males and females (not including elders) - sweats, athletic, athletic jacket. I'm not sure how to incorporate custom uniforms or I would have tried to put in the boxing outfit, so if, or until, I figure it out, those will have to do. Alternately, you can change the career outfit via CAS or style booth once your sim has joined the career.
Opportunities*: 5 included
Career Events/Chance Cards*: 5 included
Autographs: Ability to hold autograph sessions at the Stadium will be enabled once level 5 has been reached. The interaction will be available by clicking on the stadium.

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