June 03, 2014

Clothing, Shoes and Glasses by Momo

Freckles by Wundersims

LiftCo Dumbwaiter by Menaceman44

Basic T-shirt for Males by Rusty Nail

Living & Office Furniture Sets by Mio89

Kijiko Abyssinian Hair Resized by ReMaron

Boxy Crop Shirt for Females by Simsimi

FFXII Flowers - Miniset by Murfeelee

Sandals for Adult Females by The77sims3 & Littlemsim

Blank Pillows by The Muse Sway

Equestrian Friendship Poses by Mylittlefoxa

Simlish Wall Decals by Francythatsims

Mouseyblue's Lucky Mix #27 - Drum & #41 - Honey 2T3 Conversion + Edit by Wundersims

Coat with Strap for Females by Bukovka

More filling "minor pets snacks" for cats and dogs by ninini

Olympic Stadium by iHelen