July 09, 2013

Hoodie Tops Remodeling by Hal

Brighter Realm Lighting Mod by Brnt Waffles

Island Paradise Resort Tower Rabbit Hole Rugs by Misty

A lot of Sims 3 players were thrilled at the idea of being able to create their own resorts, but a lot of us were disappointed with the fact that there were only 4 styles that take up a lot of space, very much curbing our creative enthusiasm for building the perfect resort for our simmies. So before Island Paradise even landed, I knew we’d want rabbit hole rugs for the resort towers.

This project did not go as easily as planned.

Due to the change in visual state when you upgrade the rabbit hole tower and other such “features”, this rabbit hole rug’s functionality required scripting–something I know nothing about. After Sims MX put me on the right track along with some tutorials, I scratched my head for a few days and grew even more confused. Ok, so maybe I should’ve picked a more simple project to learn scripting >:(

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Florra by Potentissimum

Eyebrow N1 by Tifa

New Patterns by Sims In Spring

Luthi - New World by Crimsonium

Charlotte Olympia - Kitty Flats and Tessa by Pixicat

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Teen Service NPCs Instead Of Adults Compatible With Patch 1.55 by sims4.me - Instead of ADULT Service NPCs, this mod simply makes them TEENS, including Maids & Butlers!

No More Base Game Hair!-Female by hgirl2k - Eliminates base game hair and accessories in CAS for young adult-adult females.

Mermaid Hunger and "Drying Up" Moodlet Tweaks [Five Flavors!] by Caitie
Mod that changes how mermaids are satisfied by "normal" food as well as if they get the "Drying Up" negative...

Abduction Effect Equalizer by drake1storm - Because girls love aliens too.

S-Club 3D Eyelashes Recolorable (Design 1 and 2) by Buhudain

Hollister Shorts for Females by ReMaron

Matomibotaki's MB-RoundTheCornerSet


Summer Love Beach Chair by Fanny

Sweet Little Paintings by Annej

New Lots at Mod The Sims

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New Earrings Makeup and More by ErSch Sims