January 31, 2014

Floppy Hat and Boots by M1ssduo

New Tables by Koposov

Disasters Mod by Zerbu

Your Sims can now be plagued by dangerous disasters! The first version of the mod only contains the Ultra Blaze (fire) disaster, but future versions will introduce other disaster types such as floods.

Seasons is required for this mod to work!
  • Please note that this is the first version of the mod and may still contain unspotted bugs. If you find a bug, please report it.
  • As the first version of the mod only has the Ultra Blaze disaster, it could end up getting repetitive as it will be showing the same disaster over and over again.
  • Remember to enable the disaster from the city hall, this is required for it to work.
  • In this version, "Donate to Defenses" is only shown on the computer, but future versions will add it to the smartphone and multitab.
  • Disasters will play a significant role in your gameplay, therefore it is not recommended you use this mod simply "because it's there". If you're not prepared for the effects, either don't use this mod, or keep disasters disabled in worlds you don't want to use them in.
  • It is possible for Sims to die from disasters if you're not careful. However, as far as I know, Sims who are not either in the active household or in focus (on or near an active or viewed lot) can't die automatically.

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