October 16, 2009

Raon 83 by Savio

Download this hair for teen - elder females at Savio's blog

File name: Raon83_TYAAE-F_Savio_1.1

More Clutter Conversions by Infusorian

Download these conversions at Infusorian's blog

Thanks a.....................

MILLION! Some time during my early morning sleeping hours this blog hit 1 million visits and I just wanted to say thank you:) So, thank you United States, France, Italy, Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, Venezuela, Russia, Poland, Canada, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, India, Finland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Australia, Greece, Ireland, Guadeloupe, Croatia, Estonia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Venezuela, Malaysia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Mexico, Uruguay, Romania, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Chile and Philippines! And any not mentioned/unknown. These stats change by the minute so thank you to all others not online when I posted this. And thanks to all the creators who make the great additions to our games:)

Toys Pack + Hand Chair by Savio

New conversion toys and the hand chair is available at Savio's blog.

Breakfast Clutter Conversion by Infusorian

Download these clutter objects at Infusorian's blog

Corded Tunic Top For Females by Oepu

Download this top for teen - elder females at Oepu's Sims Downloads

New Buildings and Patterns at Around The Sims 3

Download at Around The Sims 3

NINE -9- Stunning New Terrain Paints by Simmiller

Download at Mod The Sims