November 09, 2013

Cazy Over The Light Hair for Females

Contacts N11 by Eruwen

New Set at The Sims 3 Store

Every Sim should be able to experience the joy of spending some time at Grandpa's Grove. With tractor hayrides, orange trees, crop farming, and new fall clothing, it is a playland for Sims both young and old.

Connor Kenway Pants from Assassin’s Creed 3 by Thecnih

The Bitter Grounds by Caterpillarsims

Cyclonesue's Industrial Tanks and Silos

Into The Future Natural Angle Bun Braid by Iggysaurus

No Autonomous Laser Rhythm-a-con by Margaret Pendragon

sims 3 laser rhythm-a-con harp no autonomous
I’m in the process (finally) of updating the No Autonomous Instruments mod, and have added the rhythm-a-con laser harp to the collection. This mod is very simple. It turns off autonomy for the Play, Play For Tips, and Perform interactions. EA did not enable the Jam interaction for this instrument.

Southwest Plantation by Pomme-kiwi

New Hair for Females by Death

Buyable Lifetime Rewards by Scarlet

♦ Game Requirements and Compatibility ♦
Requirements are based on the flavor(s) that you download, see the Downloads section below.
This mod was created and tested with patch 1.63.

♦ Mod Description ♦
Don't waste your lifetime points for objects, purchase them for simoleons instead! It's a great way to get these objects for those that don't want to cheat to do so. This is similar to VoiceIHear's outdated one here, except mine doesn't create new objects, it overrides the existing ones (so they won't show as CC). However, they're still available to purchase with lifetime points as well.

♦ Downloads ♦
I didn't add the "Map of the Stars" that came with Late Night. I also didn't add the Generations, Pets, and Seasons objects because those are already available in buydebug, the rest unfortunately are not. If you would like any of those anyways, let me know and I'll upload them. Mermaid Kelp from Island Paradise can already be found here.

SSC_BuyableRewards_Base - Base game only is needed*
Teleporter - §15,000 - Vehicles>Misc
Moodlet Manager - §12,000 - Entertainment>Misc
Food Replicator - §10,000 - Appliances>Misc
Body Sculptor - §6,000 - Entertainment>Misc
Collection Helper - §8,000 - Entertainment>Misc

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Butterflysims 110 Hair for Females


Eyeshadow N4 by Tsminh_3

Wedding Dress 13 by Irida Sims

Large Diamond Studs for Males by Mochasims

YSL Plaid Shirts by Angel Lilmonster

New Decor for Kids by JenniSims

Newsea Lotus In Snow Retexture by Everlasting Garden

No Autonomous Instruments (Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Laser Harp) *1.63* by Margaret Pendragon

After posting my no autonomous guitar mod the other night, ShakespearesSunshyne mentioned a need for this for other instruments as well. Which of course didn’t occur to me at first because it was 1am when I made the first mod and my current sims only play guitar. So today I put together the rest of the instruments. There is a package that includes no autonomy for all instruments including the guitar, bass, piano, and drums, and there are separate packages for each instrument individually if you choose.

Once again, I did a quick surface check to see if there were any current mods about. The only ones I found didn’t include all instruments or all instrument actions. Apologies if I’ve duplicated anyone’s work.

If you already installed the No Autonomous Guitar mod, and wish to disable autonomy for all instruments, replace that one with the package for AllInstruments.

Lizbeth Vines by Ariz

Toyota RAV4 by Stanislav

Grandpa's Grove Collection by Badromance99